My campaign focuses on three major pillars: Education, Employment, and Economic Development. I have lived my entire life in the 5th district, and have spent thirty years working to promote these three pillars both inside and outside the 5th.

Economic Development

Jobs and the economy go hand in hand, and together they represent the most important issue facing Connecticut — because jobs are the key to fixing our state’s economy. Connecticut has had no net job growth for nearly 20 years and now has one of the worst performing state economies in the nation. Our only path to a stronger economy is creating more jobs.  And without more new jobs our families and communities will suffer.  

Connecticut’s manufacturing base is very much aligned with national security, not only with Electric Boat for submarines, Pratt & Whitney for aircraft engines and Lockheed Sikorski for helicopters — but also with over 2,000 smaller Connecticut manufacturers in the defense-related supply chain. Connecticut’s manufacturing sector continues to be a significant and important part of our state economy.

I have spent my entire career supporting the creation and retention of manufacturing jobs in the 5th District. That will be my primary focus as your Congressman


The recently passed tax relief plan has helped the national economy move forward by making business more competitive and putting more money in the hands of most consumers. I will oppose liberal efforts to roll back tax relief.


I support the efforts of the Trump Administration to fight for a more equitable playing field for our exporters and manufacturers.  We must expand our overseas markets to create more jobs here at home.


Although no one should be denied healthcare, we must recognize that citizens who are unemployed and under-employed without access to employer-sponsored benefits place more pressure on taxpayers to support another crumbling system. This is why I keep jobs as our number one priority. The way to solve our Healthcare issue is to get more people employed, so more people have access to employer-sponsored benefits. Therefore, I oppose moves to weaken employer-based health insurance by imposing new burdens on employees such as the so-called “Cadillac tax” on benefits.

I also believe we need new creative solutions to reduce costs and expand options to people seeking insurance in the individual market, where Obamacare has failed to reduce premiums.  

Opioid Crisis

We need to address this issue immediately. The CT Opioid epidemic is affecting our families, towns, schools, and businesses.  We need to encourage or if necessary, require insurance companies to lengthen treatment coverage to 90-365 days, and not just keep recycling the 30-day in-patient stays.  We need to approach this issue as a life-threatening disease — because that’s what it is. We also must resist calls to weaken criminal penalties for drug dealing, and make the reduction of opioid trafficking a foreign policy priority.

Education and Training

Education and training are critical to lifting ourselves out of a weak economy.  We need immediate training to meet the immediate needs of employers who have thousands of career opportunities available in manufacturing, healthcare, and IT.  Education and training programs that provide pathways to trades, degrees and on the job training help meet short-term demands and create long-term pathways to success.  I plan to take what I have learned managing a program on job skills at Housatonic Community College and apply this across our nation.  

Law Enforcement and Crime

As we learned from Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the 1990’s unless a community is safe it cannot be prosperous.  I support our police and first responders who are increasingly threatened and maligned. That’s why I support expanding the federal death penalty so that the murder of local and state police is the same capital offense as the murder of a federal agent.


America is a nation of immigrants  and this should be continued by a program of well-regulated legal immigration.  Consistent with our heritage  there should also certainly be a legal path for children who were brought here by their parents and have attended our local schools and grown up in our communities – they should not be penalized.   I oppose efforts to disband ICE as But I also believe that the immigration laws of the federal government should be enforced — and I support the ability of law enforcement to determine whether a person arrested with a crime is here illegally or if they have formerly committed a crime elsewhere. We must have one legal standard across America, therefore I oppose “sanctuary cities”

Social Issues

I am pro-choice and support the rights of women in accordance with the Roe v. Wade decision.

I support the right of gays and lesbians to marry consistent with federal and state court decisions.

I oppose legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, but support lifting federal restrictions impeding its medicinal use.